Success Story

€9,400,000 settlement for paraplegic child injured during spinal surgery

We secured a settlement of €9,400,000 for a very deserving young child who became paraplegic following spinal surgery.

This was a most complex case where we retained a leading consultant spinal surgeon from America, along with a leading consultant musculoskeletal radiologist from the UK to present the best case forward. Through the use of highly specialised radiology imaging equipment, the Plaintiff’s experts claimed that surgical instrumentation was misplaced into the child’s spinal cord. Liability was fully denied.

We are so thrilled to have been able to settle this case through mediation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Top Counsel represented the Plaintiff and the Mediator did a magnificent job with both parties.

The Plaintiff’s parents will now be able to arrange for high level care to be provided to their young daughter moving forward and hopefully the family’s quality of life will much improve. McMahon Goldrick will stay in contact with the family to establish how they are all getting on. One of our best success stories, where many tears were shed.

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