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Experienced personal injury* solicitors focused entirely on advocating for individuals and families impacted by life-altering injuries

What We Do

McMahon Goldrick is the only firm of personal injury* solicitors in Ireland exclusively focused on catastrophic injury. We act for individuals and families that have been affected by life-changing injuries including spinal cord injury*, traumatic brain injury* and birth injury* resulting in permanent disability.

We have over 45 years’ experience in catastrophic injury law. We are driven by a genuine passion to help our clients rebuild their lives after injury.

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What We Believe

At McMahon Goldrick Solicitors we believe that expert knowledge of the law is vital. However, it is only one part of what is required to provide excellence in client service to people living with catastrophic injuries*. We make it a priority to educate ourselves on the injuries that our clients are coping with. This helps us really understand our clients’ needs and serve them as best we can.

Our team of personal injury solicitors have built up strong relationships with medical, care and rehabilitation experts. This has proved to be an invaluable resource to us and our clients. We regularly attend seminars that would typically be aimed more at the medical than legal profession. We believe that it is only by truly understanding the nature of a person’s injury and getting an accurate impression of how that affects their daily life that we can truly help to achieve the best possible outcome for that person.

Our Approach

Our model is not a “one size fits all” approach to personal injury* cases. Each file and each client has its own unique features. Our commitment to only undertaking catastrophic injury* work means that we always have the time to dedicate to proper and meaningful engagement with our clients and their families.

Effective communication is a key element of our client care policy. We update our clients in real time and our approach to effective communication is tailored to each client’s needs.

If a client calls the office, our telephones are answered by our personal injury* solicitors themselves. We ensure our clients will always get through to us. Clients know each member of the team, and we are all equipped to discuss their concerns with them. We always make ourselves as accessible as we can to our clients.

Preparing for a Court case can be an extremely stressful time for our clients and their families. We offer to meet clients in the Four Courts in advance of their hearing dates so that their first time in the building is not on the day of the hearing itself. For our clients who are wheelchair users, we ensure that they know where the accessible entrances and facilities are. Clients value the opportunity to become familiar with a setting that can, at first glance, appear unwelcoming.

We are not just lawyers: we are your advocates, working together with you and fighting for you.

Personal Injury Settlements

Some of the most recent cases and personal injury settlements that McMahon Goldrick have been involved with.

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