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€750,000 settlement for man who sustained a brain injury in a workplace accident

We acted for a man who received a settlement of €750,000 after he suffered from a traumatic brain injury in a brutal workplace accident.

During the course of his work, the man was clearing a blockage in machinery when without warning, the machine restarted and caused a crush type injury to the Plaintiff’s skull. We engaged a consultant forensic engineer who carried out an examination on the machine and found that the Plaintiff’s employer was operating an unsafe system of work with a dangerous machine. Our engineer noted that this could have easily been a fatal accident.

The Plaintiff’s injuries included an infarct in the medullary and in the thalamic area of his brain, a C2 fracture of the spine, a left mandibular fracture with dental injury, swelling of the left hypopharynx, displacement of the larynx and carotid artery dissection. He had significant multiple cranial nerve deficits and right hemiparesis. Additionally, he sustained lacerations to his left palm and a right sided brachial plexus injury. Although the Plaintiff made a miraculous recovery, he was left with psychological trauma.

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