Success Story

€750,000 settlement for man who sustained a brain injury in a road traffic accident

We acted for a man who received a settlement of €750,000 after he sustained a traumatic brain injury in a road traffic accident.

The Plaintiff instructed us to take over his file from a previous solicitor, who believed that the value of his case was in the region of only €75,000. The previous solicitor believed that the Plaintiff was exaggerating his case and he did not provide the Plaintiff with any acceptable level of client care. However, the Plaintiff persevered and approached us at McMahon Goldrick Solicitors.

The Plaintiff complained of memory loss, poor concentration and difficulties with numeracy. Furthermore, he suffered from anger outbursts and depression.

By engaging the appropriate neurosurgeon from the United Kingdom, we were able to show that the Plaintiff was in no way exaggerating his injuries – herein lay the real success. The Defendant then admitted full liability and the case was settled.

The Plaintiff and his wife were thrilled with the settlement and it gave them some chance to make a fresh start. We can assuredly say that it was a pleasure to act on behalf of this man.

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