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€2,000,000 award for an amputee man who was the victim of arson

We achieved a €2,000,000 award for an amputee man who was the victim of a vicious house fire.

This was a tragic case where the innocent Applicant was intentionally set on fire and locked inside his home. The house was also set on fire.

The Applicant thankfully survived the vicious attack, however, he had both his legs amputated – one above the knee and the other below the knee.

Prior to the award, he had spent the bulk of his time in bed or his armchair and he suffered from depression and was overweight. His wonderful family were a constant support.

It was suggested by the initial investigation that there was no evidence of the fire having been started maliciously. However, together with the tremendous help of a retired detective and private investigators, we were able to prove the opposite to the satisfaction of a divisional sitting of the Tribunal.

Thanks to the award, the Applicant was able to purchase state of the art prosthetics and his own accessible home. He has since written a book and he has a longstanding girlfriend. He no longer suffers from depression and his weight has much improved. Thanks to the award, he has described himself as a new man. Certainly, this was one of the best success stories we have ever seen. He maintains regular contact with the office to enquire how we are all getting along.

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