Success Story

€1,000,000 interim award for paraplegic child injured by gun shot

A €1,000,000 interim award was achieved for a young child who tragically became paralysed when he was mistakenly shot by a gunman.

This is a very sad case but we were extremely happy to be able to secure a speedy interim payment from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal. The award was provided within one year from the time we took the case on. Everyone was behind this young man, but it was necessary to use persuasion to get the interim payment. All parties were truly delighted.

The award has allowed the Plaintiff’s parents build a lovely and accessible property away from the troubled place where they previously lived.

The success of this story speaks for itself and there will be another payment to follow, which will allow the Plaintiff enjoy a high standard of life in so far as money can buy.

Ongoing and regular contact is had with the family, who were very appreciative and always gracious. One of our favourite success stories, which continues.

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