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€1,000,000 award for brain injured man who was the victim of an assault

We secured a €1,000,000 award for brain injured man who was the victim of an assault.

The Applicant was an entirely innocent victim when he was assaulted by a stranger outside a bar. He fell to the ground and hit his head, which caused him to sustain a traumatic brain injury. He suffered from fractures to his skull and large haematomas and haemorrhages in his brain.

During his rehabilitation, he demonstrated impaired attention, reduced memory, dyspraxia, ongoing poor articulation due to poor muscle control and ongoing problems with swallowing.

The award was secured after an appeal sitting with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal. We represented the Applicant together with one of the best Counsel in the country, who the family were hugely impressed with.

With the compensation money, the Applicant’s parents were able to build him separate living quarters at the rear of the family home to allow him to have some independence, while at the same time not detracting from their ability to continue to care for him.  Furthermore, the Applicant was able to secure a part time placement at a care facility and another placement at a training centre which allowed him to complete his ABI brain injury rehabilitation.

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