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You must be able to show that someone else is at least in part to blame for the injuries that you have suffered. You must also show that the person owes you a legal duty of care. The law does not compensate people who are involved in ‘pure’ accidents where, within the true meaning of the word, no-one is to blame. For example, the fact that you were injured at work does not automatically mean that your employer will have to compensate you.

Each individual claim is unique. If you are successful you will be awarded compensation. Compensation is awarded under a number of different headings which include:

  • Compensation for your pain and suffering; and
  • Compensation for your financial losses from the date of the accident (eg: loss of earnings and medical expenses); and
  • Your on-going expenses into the future. Compensation for future losses are the most complicated and require the input of various experts. Such losses can include loss of earnings into the future, on-going nursing care, the cost of special aids and equipment, including their maintenance and replacement into the future.

We work as committed Solicitors to minimise wherever possible the pressures and fears that are associated with brain and head injuries.

Our service is born from experience and understanding. This approach allows us to listen to our clients and provide them with the support and advice that they require. Our extensive experience allows us to assist our clients through the litigation process while they and their families adjust to the life changing injury.
We will:

  • Investigate your case and establish if you have a case;
  • Process your case through the Injuries Board and thereafter pursue the matter through the Courts;
  • Engage the appropriate experts and prepare your claim for hearing and provide you with experience, understanding and expertise to make the process an easy one.